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Terms and Conditions

Darkness Rising Terms and conditions are as follow

You Agree you follow all of the in game rules to Respect players and staff. We may choose to ban if we feel that rules are been broken. Punishments may vary on what you have done. It is up to the PM If you are unbanned this is not negotiable.

All donations to the server will be used in good faith to upgrade our servers and keep us online ! This is a Darkness Rising promise. We also hold the right to ban any account that opens any disputes. Once you have donated to our server this is FINAL. Please think twice about donating, if you do open a dispute the following will apply. Instant Ban of account. we will email you with a reason or other method of communication. If the dispute is closed with in 24 hours of it happening we will unban the account and take it as an error on your behalf. If the dispute is still not closed with in 24 hours, this will likely trigger a permanent ban, losing everything you've worked for or donated for. so please do think twice about opening a dispute. We reserve the right to change these terms at any point.

We will add more here when the time is right. MuffinMan[PM]