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Donations are now given out in Shards, Each shard is valued at $00.10 (10c) in game. You can use these Donation Shards as currency at the Donation Shop. Buying more will give you more for your money. If you would like to buy less or a certain amount see below as a guide, or contact the online Support for help.

(1 Shard = $00.10 / Over a Deal amount use the deal + $00.10 per extra shard.)

Donation Shards Amount Price
100 $10
500 $45
1000 $80

All Donations are final and there are no refunds. You are helping us by donating. You do not need to donate, this is simply helping us. Read our Terms on conditions here before donating. By donating you agree to the terms and conditions Click here to be redirected to the Terms and Conditions page.